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New Year Offer: Free Social / Ethical Audit With a Factory Audit Service

Asia Textile Inspections can help you to stop child labor. For more details click here.

Asia Textile Inspections is an independent inspection service provider, having worldwide recognition due to its reliable services.  We are Pakistan-based organization, providing exclusive services of quality inspection, quality assurance, quality audit, third party inspection, production check and qc china for our clients, retailers, importers, trading partners and manufacturers. Our qualified china inspection team members help to assess product quality, equal to the standard of international level by using different methodologies of product evaluation.  Our quality inspectors are specialized in quality control inspection and qualified in providing quality inspection and audit services for Yarn, Garments, Home Textiles, Fabrics, Foot Wear, Towels, Furniture, Toys, Leather, etc. Our inspection team is well-experienced and well-qualified technically to undertake multiple inspection processes to assure the quality of your merchandise.

Asia Textile Inspections is organized on the basis of professional excellence and extensive dedication to its client’s requirements in order to accomplish our fundamental task and mission. We are proud of upholding our commitments, service & ethics to fulfill the requirements of our potential customers as we offer asia inspection and first article inspection services by following the basic code & practice. We offer garments inspection, yarns inspection, home textile inspection, fabric inspection, pre shipment inspection services by following the strict business & trade ethics of the organization in order to eliminate any kind of risks of defective products delivery. We are committed to provide quality assurance service of inspection and audit by meeting the criteria of product evaluation specifically. We are offering the inspection service in India, China, Asia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, USA, Canada, Spain, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand.


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